Let your voice be heard - Tell your representatives in Congress what you think

by: Motley Moose

Mon Aug 17, 2009 at 20:02:23 PM EDT

Click here to send a message to your representatives and senators in Congress.

Click here to view a list of pre-written messages for various subjects.

Democracy imbues the citizens of that democracy with many rights. Along with those rights come some responsibilities. The United States of America is a representative democracy. All this means is that we elect individuals to represent us in our government instead of our having a direct voice about how laws are passed.

Voting is only one way we can influence our government. The other way is by letting our representatives in Congress know how we feel about various issues. In some ways, this is more important than our votes. It does little good to vote someone into office if they end up not representing our views.

That is why the Motley Moose has provided this section of our web site. You can use the link on this page to send a message to your representatives through www.rallycongress.com. The site uses your zip code to identify your representatives and senators.

While we encourage everyone to use their own words to tell their representatives what they think, we have also provided some pre-written text that you can cut-and-paste into the contact form. Please browse through the list below to see if your subject is covered.

Available message texts:

  • Senate Committee Chairmanships - End the seniority method and switch to a secret ballot every 2 years.

  • Pass true credit card reform
Motley Moose :: Let your voice be heard - Tell your representatives in Congress what you think
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