Gifs offer new ways to meet life's challenges

by: ursoklevar

Sun Feb 10, 2013 at 12:58:32 PM EST

It is my pleasure to support dear occupant's Sunday GIForama:Nature with this additional diary.

I once taught English language and literature at a posh private girls' school in Potomac, Maryland, where the motto was Aut inveniam viam aut faciam (I will either find a way or make one). Sitting here in the Mile High City, mired in the dregs of winter...

L'ennui d'hiver
 photo ennuidhiver.gif

...I reviewed my collection of gifs and saw in them new ways to meet life's challenges, big and small.  

ursoklevar :: Gifs offer new ways to meet life's challenges
When obdurate reality doesn't suit your needs
 photo babyblocks.gif

When you find yourself a little short
 photo ponygirl.gif

Does time hang heavy on your hands?
 photo rockpaperscissors.gif

When you're tasked with making slaw but lack a mandoline
 photo corgiandcabbages.gif

Need to clutch your pearls but lack a necklace?
 photo meerkatfaint.gif

For those who need a change of perspective
 photo perspective.gif

Weary of all the slicing and dicing? Try this.
 photo choppeddice.gif

Annoying person getting you down? (I'm talking to you, iriti.)
 photo pandahi-ya.gif

Too tired to throw the woozle's balls?
 photo plays-well-with-others-mostly-robots.gif

Is your needlework unspiring? Try this:
 photo running-dog-embroidery4.gif

When the finer points of technique are just too much, abandon them.
 photo fencingstrategyp1-1.gif

Best of all, at close of day
 photo snoringelephant.gif

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those are HILARIOUS! (2.00 / 12)
your added commentary was pitch perfect too, ursoklevar.
and of course the best advice of all, IMHO, is to laugh which this diary did and still is.

i'm deciding which is my fav, really have a soft spot for the elephant. :-) seems to move so slowly until that day, when it doesn't.

Thanks, sweetie (2.00 / 12)
BE the elephant; that's my motto. But my current favorite is the baby with the blocks. That child is going places!

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I'm trying to stay off the 'puter today, (2.00 / 11)
but I can't resist a dose of usrobrilliant. Bravo!

(Slept with my neck wrong, is all.)

"Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." ~ Desmond Tutu

Thank you, Kelley ::blushes:: (2.00 / 10)
Another argument against "intelligent design." How is it we were built with the option of hurting ourselves in our sleep? That's rude. Is any other animal so cursed?

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woot woot!!!! (2.00 / 10)
these are great!!!

I think my favorite is the girl and the pony....

or maybe the Sistine Chapel gambling den...


Hey, you :) (2.00 / 10)
Scritchies to Sula, the most outrageously beautiful cat in the universe.

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she cleared her 6-month (2.00 / 8)
check up after her surgery!!!  :D

And is at this moment sacked out where she usually will when I'm home... under the computer desk by my feet.

she sends sneaky kisses to Morgan!!  :)  (while her brother's are fast asleep elsewhere around the house!  heh)

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!1!!!!! (2.00 / 7)

[ Parent ]
Thanks for the giggles! (2.00 / 9)
That first one, with the little kid... yeah, s/he's going places!!  Rules, what rules!!

I'm so stressed out right now.... and will be for a while.  I MIGHT hear something later this week about an in person interview I had on the 1st.  I'd like to have the job - it sounds interesting, I can do the work, no problem.  

Part of the anxiety is that the job I have could go away at any moment.  The project that I had been hired to do has been put on 'pause' and am now doing 'production' issues.  I've been told that there's 'plenty' of work, but who hasn't heard that line before??

I'm up against 5-6 other people for the position.  The interview went very well.  But, that doesn't mean a thing.  I hate the waiting...... wish it'd just get done and over with.

Sorry... needed to 'talk'.

deep breaths... (2.00 / 9)
positive thinking.

and lotsa luck sent your way!  :)

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My hunches are pretty darned accurate and (2.00 / 9)
I have a feeling you're going to get the job you want. Why not believe me? You'll breathe easier in the meantime, and you can always berate me later if I'm wrong.

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Life is good when I wake up to a diary from you! (2.00 / 8)
I really love the one with the woozle loading his own balls(Hmmmm).  

"Hair on fire complicates the decision of how to deal with the knot in your knickers while clutching your pearls with both hands." ~ wordsinthewind

Oh, Khloe, that makes my day. (2.00 / 4)
"loading his own balls" = HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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I love these, urso!! (2.00 / 5)
The kid getting help onto the horse is very cute and the Change of Perspective is very cleverly done. I am a strong admirer of the delight of the unexpected.

More more more!!

Words have meaning. Our words will reflect what is in our souls.

Good morning, dear and clever one! (2.00 / 4)
There can never be a sufficiency of gifs, I agree.

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A couple GIFs I just happened across (2.00 / 4)

John Askren - "Never get into a pissing match with a skunk."

Ice climbing one is...yes...surprising (2.00 / 3)
I never understood that suicidal sport. Why not just stay in the comfort of your home and stick needles in your eyes?

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One of my all-time favorites (2.00 / 3)

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Glad you like it. (2.00 / 3)
Can't remember where I stole it from, but it's definitely a keeper. :-D

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

[ Parent ]
and when you just can't take it anymore..... (2.00 / 3)
 photo tumblr_mhbasnfNEY1qg39ewo1_500.gif seems to move so slowly until that day, when it doesn't.


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