by: Jk2003

Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 13:55:18 PM EST

Friday is here again!  We all made it through Valentine's Day unscathed, I assume.  The line at the grocery store was more fun than usual yesterday will all the older gentlemen with their roses.  Why not do this on other days of the year?  I am personally not much of a fancy flower person - while I think they are pretty, I would much rather have a plant that would last.  Or a gift certificate for yarn which was discussed yesterday.  

Well, lemme have it.  What are you all ruminating on this week?

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i will begin with my issue this week - would like your advice if possible (2.00 / 6)
our house is for sale.  we don't have to move just want to get closer to my husbands work and cut down on his two hours a day in the car.  if we don't get offers that give us enough for a hefty down payment on a new house then we will just stay.  no harm done (except that he will have that terrible commute).  anyway, last week was the week to enroll kids in kindergarten here.  i didn't do it.  what do you think.  should i do it so the district gets the money and then withdraw her if and when we move or just don't worry about it and in july if we decide we are staying enroll her then.  i am not involved in the system so don't know which would be better for the district.  input please from those that know more than i do...

I'm ruminating... (2.00 / 7)
...on an ugly reality: prepping my life for post-surgery. It's a challenge because there's not much room in my apartment to manoeuvre as it is, and a walker or crutches seem to be out of the question (they do tell me that I'll get to spend a week or so in a recovery facility, which will help). And I need to do a backlog of laundry, but hauling the stuff down the street to the laundromat is really difficult.

If it sounds like I'm whining, well I probably am. ;-p

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

i do not envy you that recovery period (2.00 / 8)
but it will not last forever.  right?  how long do they think you will need assistance walking before that new hip is good to go?  think of all the extra time you will have to chat with the moose...
when is the big day?  i think you already told us then i promptly forgot.

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I won't know how long... (2.00 / 8)
...until the recovery actually begins. The occupational therapist and physical therapist will be spending time with me in hospital to make ongoing assessments of my progress.

I'll be glad to have moose-y conversations, that's for sure!

The big day is a week from Tuesday (Feb. 26th). I'm 90-percent looking forward to getting fixed, and 10-percent nervous, not about the surgery itself but about the aftermath. :-)

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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Can't you get some of your In Town lazy lazy peeps to stop by and help with the more difficult chores? (2.00 / 7)
Laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

How long will you be hobbling? What is your post-surgery PT schedule?

Words have meaning. Our words will reflect what is in our souls.

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The reliable navajo... (2.00 / 8)
...has promised to organize some peeps for deliveries/visits. I also have a hot meal delivery program lined up from Project Open Hand, set up for me by a social worker at the hospital.

They say I'll be walking okay within days, recovered (with limitations on movement) within three months, and fully recovered by end of summer. Seems like a long enough time, but at least once the surgical pain has gone I will apparently be much more comfortable than I am now.

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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Friends who have had that surgery have soooo glad they did. (2.00 / 2)
Here's hoping it's every bit as good for you!

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there's a fine line (2.00 / 8)
between whining and honest assessment of a sucky life situation you know! Thing about sucky situations is that they don't have to stay that way and very few of them are unrelentingly so. The best advice I ever got was from my first caseworker with the commission for the blind here in Texas when I first started losing my vision. She told me I needed to set a timer for 5 minutes and sit down to have myself a solitary pity party where I acknowledged my fears and resentments. The only thing I can add is to have a plan for when the timer goes off, if you know what you're going to do you can jump into it and leave those feelings for having been felt and they won't cling. It is something I still do when I need to, unacknowledged feelings cause way more havoc than taking a 5 minute break. I don't know about you but I felt the need to only be brave and that certainly wasn't all I was feeling, those other feelings needed some validation as well.

There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.--Thornton Wilder

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Thank you. (2.00 / 5)
That's the most sensible thing I've been told in a long time. And not just because it makes me feel better :-)

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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