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Sun Feb 24, 2013 at 19:50:30 PM EST

Do you create for others?  For family members, for charity? I recently reflected on for whom I create, and I have a special project for the Lenten season, which I celebrate before Easter.  
jlms qkw :: The Making Location: For Whom Do You Make?
Lent is a time during the Christian church's year where we are invited to have some special disciplines.  To take time for examination.  To work on prayers, alms, and fasting.  Whatever prayers, alms, and fasting means to you.  I'm Protestant, and I'm willing to take a very broad picture of the disciplines of Lent.

I have been knitting for over 20 years.  I kept 3 items for myself in all that time, besides the dishcloths I used in my kitchen.  I have recently felt acutely aware that I am knitting for everyone besides myself.  

In the every day course of my life, during January and early February, and in taking my children to various appointments, two people mentioned to me that I needed to take better care of myself.  

During the last days before Ash Wednesday, I considered that during Lent, I could knit for myself.  So I made a plan.  During Lent:  I knit, sew, and bead for myself.  From materials available in my "stash."  Some of my projects should consider UFOs.  I lined up beading projects.  I planned some knitting projects.  I thought I would think about sewing projects, if any, later.  

I took the one project on my needles.  I may not keep this project, it is largely for skill-building, and the yarn is not my favorite color.  I am knitting on it every few days, the lace yarn slow work, and the concentration on the lace makes me tired.  

I just finished the first half-pattern repeat, and will place a lifeline.  So I am actually about 1/8 done.  My long and sordid history with knitting lace may be taking a turn for the better.  The yarn is Malabrigio silk alpaca, and the pattern is Wavy Feathers Wimple.

Kos-friend kirbybruno made a cowl for me.  I love it so much, and I wear it so frequently, I wanted to make more.  Lo and behold, there was some lovely Deborah Norville serenity yarn in my stash.  While the original pattern called for worsted, kirbybruno made my gift from heavier yarn, and I liked that weight.  I swatched, I measured, and I knitted the whole pattern, which is Twist Your Neckwarmer from Pickles.
It was too big!  It was falling off my shoulders and I was afraid it might end up laying on the floor around my ankles!  The sizing error seems to be within the range of error for the swatch.  I finished it late at night, and first thing the next morning, I ripped it completely out, and I am using 81 stitches per round instead of 93.  It is about 1/3 done already, and the yarn is a little bit mad, I think.  

I considered two UFO's.  The easiest one to pick up is the one I set aside for an easy reason:  It was too hot late summer to work on the big piece of the shawl.  Heck, I could have been working on that shawl again since last November.  I printed a new copy of the pattern (there were updates).  I located the piece in progress, and all the yarn.  I think I have sussed out where I left off, but I won't be sure until I start knitting.  It is ready to go right after the wide cowl is finished.  
It will be the mirror-image of this completed "arm."
The finished arm has a high total stitch count, especially considering the small projects I am normally drawn to.  

After the Ash Wednesday service, I came home, got the kids in bed, sat down for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and realized my ankles were once again, freezing.  I did a pattern search and found these adorable legwarmers from Purl Soho's blog.  I found some yarn in my stash I liked, color- and weight-wise, but there wasn't enough.  I had a sad.  The next day, I looked at my stash HARDER.  Two skeins of this very warm Lamb's Pride worsted leapt out!  I may have enough yarn to make the legwarmers and matching wrist warmers!  
I already tried them on around my ankle and the first one is fitting!  

I am considering a 5th project when I get some of the first 4 in better shape.  Closer to done.  

This is only one part of my Lenten discipline.  And one week in, there was a snag.  

"Mom, I need a new skirt, my other skirt doesn't work for this purpose" proclaims my daughter.  We discuss the virtues of the skirt.  I agree she could use a wider skirt.  Then I told her I needed to think.

The next day, I had a plan.  And I shared it with my daughter at breakfast.  I will cut and press.  She will sew for herself.  We have a skirt about 2/3 done, and she will sew the hem at bedtime tonight.  Photos later.  My expertise in the cutting and pressing will save her fingers from being cut or burned, and produce the proper size, and proper construction techniques.  Her sewing will increase her skills and confidence.  WINNER!  

The blockquote is cross-posted in orange.

Please share - what's going on in the moosely world and what are all of us making?  And for whom?  

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scrap bag (2.00 / 9)

I realized you saw the projects in the previous Making Location.  Here is my thought process behind them.  

Ripped it out? (2.00 / 6)
Ouch, you are so brave! It looked good, too bad you couldn't have just double wrapped it.

I am working on two blankets right now, as well as making these cute scrubbie things. I will try to get some pics uploaded in the morning, I have to focus on my Oscar bingo right now. :)

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

can't wait to see your pix! (2.00 / 5)
i did double wrap it, around my neck - it was loose there too . . .

are you knitting the blankets? or other methods?  

[ Parent ]
Yep, (2.00 / 2)
knitting both. One is for my sister to replace one that I made for her birthday last year (her daughter "borrowed" it), and the other is for a friend that just had a baby so it is small.  

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

[ Parent ]
last summer when i ripped out the lace (2.00 / 4)
i cried and cried.  before and after.  

to avoid that feeling, i just did it.  

[ Parent ]
I've only recently (2.00 / 7)
begun keeping some of the things I create, wish I had started earlier. At least my mother kept a lot so I did get all that back when we cleaned out her house. It was interesting seeing the progression in skills over the years.  

There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.--Thornton Wilder

One of these days... (2.00 / 5)
...I promise to resume my crafty ways. And then I'll have pix to share. ;-)

Meanwhile, I enjoy seeing what you're up to!

There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

My Arts & Crafts (2.00 / 5)
I used to do lots of crafts: Montage, collage, coloring, rubber stamping. I made greeting cards, art trading cards, montages for online group projects, little notebooks. Now I don't any more, except for the notebooks I actually use.

I have tons of rubber stamps, inks, paints & brushes, watercolor pencils, paper of all kinds, collage and montage clippings, etc.

I stopped because my artwork began to pile up and gather dust. I sent people boxes of greeting cards but they don't use them, so they sit on a shelf at their house instead of mine.

Art trading cards are fun ( ) but they end up in a binder on my shelf that I don't look at. Mine are included in binders on someone else's shelf.

(I need to send out the greeting cards I already have. Best to make them into notebooks, I think.)

I'd like to start crafting again but I can't get past the What do I do with it? problem. Any ideas?

Let there be light. Then let there be a cat, a cocktail, and a good book.

it's more important to do something (2.00 / 4)
than do the perfect thing.

esp if you have plentiful supplies, it almost doesn't matter what you do first.  

do you have a local school or after-school center?  can you work be incorporated in an alphabet book, or other homework help?  

and not just alphabet or add/subtract stuff - kids need to learn about art and literature and stuff too.  

greetings cards for care centers?  

[ Parent ]
A couple of my thingies (2.00 / 5)
I made this on the computer.

This one's on paper, called "Sneaking Out," with about 8 little pictures in it, for an online group doing alphabet art, letter S. We did colors too, they're all in a composition book.

Let there be light. Then let there be a cat, a cocktail, and a good book.

very lovely (2.00 / 2)
calm and feminine . . .

[ Parent ]
Thanks 8-] (2.00 / 2)

Let there be light. Then let there be a cat, a cocktail, and a good book.

[ Parent ]
I do a lot of crafting for others.... (2.00 / 4)
Some, I sell, some for volunteer work, some for family and friends--but I seldom make anything for me specifically. I make afghans and the like for my home, but I qualify that under family...Aside from clothing, I make very little for myself. I think the last thing I crocheted for me was a case for my glasses! And that was so long ago I'm not sure when I did it.

I'm mostly a crocheter. That's what I do best. But I enjoy many other venues of crafty goodness. I think I've figured out how to resize pictures on Photobucket--finally. I'll try to post a few of my work a little later this evening.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"...."We make a Living by what we get...We make a Life by what we give."  


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